BetterTouchTool Clipboard Manager not Getting Clipboard Changes from Keyboard Maestro

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, me again :slight_smile:

I posted this in Keyboard Maestro's forum and now I'm coming here too.

Basically (all the details are in that link), the Clipboard Manager in BTT is not picking up changes from Keyboard Maestro "Save to System Clipboard" actions. To force BTT to "pick it up", I'm running this silly AppleScript every time I need it to get something from the clipboard:

set the clipboard to (the clipboard)

This makes BTT "see" the value that Keyboard Maestro saved in the Clipboard, but I would much rather avoid this and have BTT capture that change to the clipboard automatically, as it does with any other application!

Any ideas on what might be going on? I'm seeing here this Bug Report from 2018 with no responses commenting about the same.

Here is a quick video showing what is going on.

Clipboard Test Video

Thanks in advance for your comments!

possibly km marks the copied data as sensitive or application specific, in which case BTT ignores it by default. You can disable this behavior in BTT‘s clipboard manager options

Damn; that was quick! And you were right.

I didn't think KM would be marking EVERYTHING as sensitive, so I didn't try this. I'll write to Peter Lewis there to see if this is the expected behavior.

In any case, do you think it would be possible to disable this behavior in BTT but at the app level? I won't be able to disable it from Clipboard Manager, as that will apply to everything at the OS level and start copying passwords and such.

(I mean having a checkbox here)

Thanks again Andreas!

it might not be marked sensitive but „application specific“ / transient, which BTT also ignored by default. I could make this setting more fine granular

Maybe you could check with GitHub - sindresorhus/Pasteboard-Viewer: 📋 Inspect the system pasteboards on macOS

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Awesome! I'll take a look.

Would be great if you agree and could have that granular; per-app checkbox to capture sensitive and transient, added to your backlog for some time in the future, as I assume a lot of users use both of your apps for automation, as they are the main ones in macOS!

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg, sorry to bother again, I got further technical information from the Keyboard Maestro forum that may help get to the bottom of this

BTT might be misinterpreting one of the pasteboard types in a voluntary pasteboard standard put together by a number of developers.
org.nspasteboard.source, which KM sets as seen above in @Nige_S' post, seems a likely candidate; BTT should check to make sure they're handling each pasteboard type correctly.

If possible, would be great if you could take a look at this to confirm BetterTouchTools is adhering to those clipboard best practices described in that "standard", or maybe there is something that needs to be done there too

that is possible, I‘ll have a look soon!


Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, were you able to look into this?


yes, should be solved in the current alpha!

Awesome! Thanks again!

Sorry, forgot to ask @Andreas_Hegenberg, do you have an estimate for when are you planning that Clipboard Manager scripting (e.g. removing X previous entries when blank detected...) may be available?