Bettertouch tool won't start on Sonoma M1 Pro

Hi there.

I-m reinstalling BetterTouchTool on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro with macOS Sonoma 14.1 and when I launch I get a message that BTT is damaged and can't be opened. I tried to download the zip file with different browsers and computers thinking about some sort of corruption during the download but no luck. Please see also screenshots attached.
Any suggestion?


Where did you download?
I just checked the official link: which is working fine here.
Are you using any special app for unzipping?

Hi Andreas.

Yes, that's the file I downloaded but you got it, it was the unzip application. I was using WinZip for Mac but I tried to unzip with the system unarchiver and it worked!

A bit strange as I'm using WinZip Mac since years and always unzipped previous versions of BTT with it, probably this is connected with latest Sonoma release as my WinZip license is quite old.

Thanks a lot for you prompt support.

Ah that zip app has caused issues in the past. I don't know what they are doing but it breaks the code signature of some apps.
The last time I have encountered this is > 5 years ago - so you are probably right and it is related to Sonoma!