BetterSnapTool: Vertical thirds

It would awesome to get preset positions: Top vertical third, middle vertical third, and bottom vertical third for rotated monitors.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Keep in mind though, you can already achieve this with the "Custom Move / Resize Window" action. You can set it up by percentages relative to the screen size.


I would love this as a default for vertical monitors, would be a way more useful default!

I need this too

Is this feature available, I need it too.

I would definitely like this, as well as being able to set 2/3rds at times. Either had those vertical thirds to the edge snapping, or some have complete custom sizes in that.

Dang, I'm running into issues with Phoenix which I use to accomplish this and I was hoping I could switch to BTT. I use 2 vertical monitors and have hotkeys to move a window up or down (full width, 1/3rd height, 3 "slots" apps can be in) and a modifier I can hold to "grow" or "shrink" the window but it's all wonky right now (Just moved to my new M1 Max and Monterey, not sure which is at fault).

EDIT: Correction, It appears Phoenix is working just fine, it helps if you don't have a competing window manager running :man_facepalming: (I had HyperDock window management turned on by accident)

Would also like this and am willing to pay a bounty for it.