BetterSnapTool Setting QUESTION



Unfortunately this is currently not possible, but maybe I can add it in a future update. I'll look into it.

BST doesn't have it's own forum, but as BetterSnapTool is just a subset of BetterTouchTool, you can post here!

Updates for BetterTouchTool are released more often than for BetterSnapTool, so if you want to be on the cutting edge you should use BTT. However the feature you requested is more complicated than it looks, so there is really no possible time estimate. I'll check if it's technically feasible and if it is I'll implement a proof of concept in BetterTouchTool.

BetterSnapTool comes with a free BTT license so no need to buy again :wink: When registering BTT there is an option to activate it using BetterSnapTool.

In general window snapping features hit BTT first, then when they are really stable they go to BetterSnapTool.

Wow, you are really a hateful person. I have just replied to your App Store review and will ask Apple for deletion.
I really was considering working on this feature (and already started), but after the review you left, there is absolutely no chance of that anymore.
I really don't understand: what was your goal with such a review? Did you think this would pressure me into adding that feature? (HINT: NO, such reviews just make sure I will never add any feature you request!)

I think my responses above were always friendly, even hinting you at a free BetterTouchTool license you are eligible to get - and you turned that into some sort of "mimimi the developer is pressuring me into buying his super expensive other app".
I always work hard on my apps and put a lot of time into them. Reviews like yours are unfair and demotivating, especially if they claim things that are just not true. Always remember that it's often just a single person behind an app.

Haha, deleting all your posts? Are you ashamed of the lies in your review? At least something!