BetterSnapTool: Only enable snapping while holding specific key

Hi guys,

new user here - since I haven't found this question here already: is there a way to enable the snapping feature only when holding down a specific key (such as shift)? I know that there's the reverse option, so to speak, that can be selected in the preferences: Disable BetterSnapTool while holding specific keys (shift, command, option etc.). For me personally, however, the opposite would be even more fitting: to have BST/the snap areas disabled UNLESS I hold shift (or another one of those keys).

Just as a general feedback, to conclude with something positive: I really like BST, it's very useful and easy to configure/use! Helps me organising my windows and quickly snapping them into my custom snap areas by using shortcuts.

If there's already an open thread for this question, feel free to refer to it. Looking forward to hearing from you.



+1 this would be a very useful feature.
I'm currently using a delay, but this forces me to hurry each time I want to just move a window without snapping to avoid the appearing of snap zones and wait if I want to quickly snap windows.

This option is available. Took me a bit to remember where I found it. If you click on "Edit Snap Areas" within the snaptool icon on the menu bar, you have to select each snap area box that you added, click the gear icon, and then you can select one or more of the key options listed that you have to hold down in order to have the boxes appear.

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Thank you, that's it! What a coincidence - I was just reorganising my snap areas (because an update seems to have messed with them and deleted all my shortcuts) when I came across this exact option. Didn't really think about this thread anymore though until I saw that someone replied.

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