BetterSnapTool not accounting for dock on external monitor on Ventura

Hello. BetterSnapTool is one of my favorite apps that I have recommended to so many colleagues over the years. My 2021 14-in MBP is typically open and connected to an external 4k monitor. In the last week or so I finally updated to Ventura (now on 13.2). I have noticed that when snapping windows to the the left or right edge of a screen, that it no longer takes the dock into account when it is active on the external monitor, so the windows are sized the full vertical height of the screen, and are obscured by the dock. The native laptop screen works fine and accounts for the dock as expected. I have tried unchecking and rechecking the "leave small gap above dock" checkbox, and also tried changing the value of the gap, but it doesn't seem to fix the issue. I am usually only trying to snap the entire left or right half of the screen. Any ideas?