BetterSnapTool Feature request: "Snap all windows"

I'd LOVE to have a "Snap all visible windows" function. Ie, put all windows side by side, resized proportionally or similar.

I realize that this may be hard to accomplish, but it's still a feature request.

Please implement this. :slight_smile:

Not the exact same, but you can nicely position all the apps / windows that you use regularly, then use BTT's "Save / restore specific window layout" action.

The problem is that I generally don't have any specific number of windows or apps open. Eg, I may have four different emails in Mail, that I would like to see next to each other.
Sometimes I have a window from Safari open next to 3 other emails, and sometimes I want a Terminal window open next to those.
I have shortcuts for my most used window positions, but a "Snap all" would be nice, and probably save some times. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately snap all (automatically) is really complicated to implement and most likely will never come to BTT/BST.
There are some apps that are dedicated to just this, one of them is Amethyst:

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