BetterSnapTool does not work on MacOS Ventura 13.0

Title, really.

Updated my MacOS to Ventura and now BST doesn't work.

BST does start - I have the icon sitting in bar at the top of the screen, I'm able to open the app settings, etc. But none of my short cuts/any app features work at all.


in general Bettersnaptool still works fine. Maybe the permissions got mixed up.
Could you try quit Bettersnaptool then go to System Settings -> Privacy & Security-> Accessibility - then remove Bettersnaptool from the list there and add it again manually.

Same issue here. Macbook pro M1 Pro on 13.0.1.

BST still works with mouse, but my keyboard snap shortcuts (holding CTRL + arrow keys to move/snap active window) stopped working when updating to 13.0.

I tried your suggestion Andreas, but it didn't restore functionality. Any ideas? Need keyboard snapping back in my life!

Could you try whether it works if you record the keyboard shortcut again? Did maybe anything change about your keyboard layout?
I believe this must be something very system specific, as most BetterSnapTool users have already upgraded to Ventura, and so far no other issue reports have popped up)

Wow- just realized my issue is not related to BST. After reading the specific text of BST - Preferences - Extras - Move Windows: that function DOES work as intended. It turns out I was using Hyperdock to do snapping with the CTRL + arrow keys, and that ancient app (finally) broke after Venutra upgrade...

I've figured out a way to replicate functionality using BST. Thanks and sorry to send you on a goose chase!

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I'm also having issues with BST on Ventura (M1 Mac). Whenever I try to snap something it takes an excessive amount of time and freezes the whole screen for 3-10 seconds.

you are most likely trying to snap something that’s based on Chrome. The chromium team has already fixed this, but it’s not yet released.

It only happens if you run Chrome while also running e.g. Grammarly (there are also other apps, but Grammarly is the most popular that causes the slow down)

Is Google Chrome based on chrome? (not trying to be a smart ass, just don't know)

Yes :wink:

haha awesome, any estimate on the release date?

I think it’s already on the Chrome beta channel, but I don’t know when they release it for everybody

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