BetterSnapTool: Add float application to the options under Extras

I hope you will consider adding floating to the list of features that can be activated under Extras. I'd like to be able to float windows by double-clicking the title bar, rather than a keyboard shortcut.

As an aside, floating is a fantastic feature and I'm really psyched to find someone who has implemented it. There used to be MySIMBL app called Afloat that did this, but it stopped working ages ago and this functionality has been sorely missed. Thank you!

The floating in BST/BTT is not really comparable to Afloat unfortunately. It's a hack that only works for some use cases, but unfortunately there is no better way to do it with current APIs.

I'll add this to the extras section with the next update.

If you want you can achieve this already with my other app, BetterTouchTool (which you can use free for 1 year if you have bought BetterSnapTool before):