Better touch tool keeps freezing after triggering a workflow (pasting text)

Bettertouchtool version: 4.584

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 2.41.54 AM

I'm having issue when it triggers the paste text part bettertouchtool gets the mouse wheel and keeps freezing. I tried multiple times and this keeps happening.

Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

mhm the paste text action is disabled (right-click to enable it again), maybe this causes issues for some reason? Or did you just disable it for testing?

i disable the second one for testing because the first one wouldn't even paste. Is there another way of pasting text or having like a typing effect and not paste everything at once? Having a typing effect matters for what I'm trying to do.

one thing to try: use the async delay action instead of the synchronous one. (The async one is always recommended unless you run into issues)

whats the difference? I wanted to make sure they trigger in order and not make it something else run before the previous step is done so i did synchronous. Isn't async like one step is running in the background while another step is executing?

no, it's a technical difference on how the delay is executed. The non-asynchronous one blocks the whole BTT process for the amount of time - which doesn't work well with some actions.