better touch tool blocks Ultimate Vocal Remover interface from showing

Describe the bug
better touch tool blocks the app from showing up. it seems to be something with onscreen use, perhaps the new widget implementation ? idk

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: macbook air m1
  • macOS version: 14 stable
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.273

Additional information (e.g. crash logs, related issues, etc.):

UVR opens perfectly when mac booted in safe mode, or when BTT is closed

is it possible to switch to stable branch ?

okay so I just tried disabling ALL presets and triggers , and the issue is still present , so this is definitely an issue with BTT itself, perhaps screen recording not sure. but i disabled everything btt and UVR still couldnt show up

have you reported this to UVR? In general BTT doesn't do anything special. Most likely this is an issue in that UVR app.

can I switch to BTT stable ? or is downgrade impossible.

yeah ill try to ask them about it. it's a Tkinter app btw

Sure, just make sure to export your BTT preset before you downgrade in case you need to restore it later. 4.273 is the current stable version though.

thanks .I didnt know you could donwgrade on macOS !

hmm im using a beta version im pretty sure

there is currently no beta, so stable and beta are the same right now

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