Better text replacement

To me, the main benefit of using BTT over the text replacement capabilities of macOS is that BTT text replacements work everywhere, while macOS's text replacements doesn't work in all applications. However, BTT has some downsides as well, compared to macOS text replacement:

  • macOS synchronizes the text replacements with my iOS devices. That means I can use exactly the same shortcuts on my iPhone and iPad. BTT doesn't do that.
  • BTT interferes with macOS's text replacement. That is: when I use the same shortcut in both BTT and macOS text replacement, the text is replaced twice.
  • in BTT it is more complicated to create a new shortcut. In BTT, I have to record a sequence, save it, add an action, select "insert/type text" as action and then type the text I want to be entered. While I understand this fits in the generic and very flexible UI of BTT, it is a bit complicated for just adding a new shortcut.

So, here are my requests, in order of importance. (Most important first)

  1. Find a way to prevent double replacements, in case a shortcut is present in both BTT and macOS text replacement. (Note that removing the shortcut from macOS isn't an option: it will be removed from my iPhone and iPad as well; I obviously don't want that to happen.)
  2. Create some sort of synchronization with macOS text replacement. So that I can create a new shortcut in BTT and then have it automagically synced to all my iDevices.
  3. Make it easier to create a new shortcut in BTT. (This could also be solved by the sync option above, by letting me enter the shortcut in the macOS dialog, but let BTT handle it. But other approaches are also possible.)

To be clear: I would be very happy if you could just fix 1. 2 and 3 are the "super deluxe" version, in my opinion.

Best regards,
Bart Kummel