better snap tool update

i am using Better Snap Tool 1.9.2 since several years. Great Tool!
Now i added to my Macbook a external bigger 4k terminal and at the beginning it better snap tool worked ok.
But now after trying to change some of my snap areas, all snap areas bacame very confused and mixed up.
so i tried to delete all snap areas an try to create them again.
But i can-t deltet then. After deletion they appear again.

How can i delete my actual configraction an start creating snap aresa from zero please?

How can i save a configuartion once created. And restore it.

How can i update better snap tool to latest version?

I am using High Sierra 10.13.6

Kinf regards from Madrid

Martin Schenk

Martin Schenk
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Hi Martin,

there is currently a bug in the released BetterSnapTool regarding the snap areas. It will be fixed soon on the App Store, but I'm having some issues with the App Review process which has delayed it a bit.

For now you can use this beta: