Better Snap Tool: Regions: what makes an app able to go into them?

I have 3 monitors on my setup. I have two monitors where I present from but for each monitor I really look to have a left/right/maximized but all areas are 95% maximized views.

For example, if you place a window in any one of them, I am not looking for it to take up the whole zone but leave some of the background visible. This let's me see the outlines of the monitors so when I screen share, I can tell which monitor I am actually going to share. Sometimes the monitor previews in Zoom/Webex/Teams aren't helpful hence just seeing the edge colors lets me know which monitor I am going to share on.

Having said that, setting up areas that aren't flush or they overlap but it isn't clear what BetterSnapTool is trying to do to figure out which area it goes into. Most of the time it doesn't do anything.

Sorry, hit early too soon. Looking for any pointers or details on knowing how/when a window will map to an area?

I think you might be misunderstanding how the snap areas work. Or maybe I didn't understand the post fully :slight_smile: If possible add some screenshots to make it more clear.

1.) The first step when adding a custom snap area is to position a window just like you would like to have it snapped later. This window will then be used as a template.

2.) In the next step when you create the snap area, you do not define the window size, instead you define the area where you need to drag the window to. This can be a very small area and you can place it anywhere on your screen.

3.) Once you finish adding the snap area and you start dragging a window, these "Drag To Areas" appear. If you release the mouse inside of such an area, it will snap the dragged window to the same size & position as defined in step 1.

That's what I thought. When I release with my mouse in an area, it's maybe 30% of the time snapping into it. I even have areas where there isn't overlap so when I drag with my mouse into that unique area it should snap but isn't.

I still think there is a misunderstanding. Why would you have overlaps there?

How do your areas look like? Typically they would be very small, most people place them somewhere at the edges of the screen.

I will start simple (likely chair-to-keyboard issue here).

This is my first snap area....

Me dragging a basic terminal into that...

It didn't take up what I set the area to.

Ok, that's what I meant. Instead of having such a big area (this would basically always trigger, BTT prevents that because you couldn't really move any window anymore) you usually have much smaller areas like this:

The "Center Middle" bubble is where you'd drag a window. The dashed area is where the window will snap afterwards.

If you really want the behavior you described you need to enable this checkbox in the advanced settings:

So you can think of this as the other kind of snap areas I would like to have so I can easily flip from 'mostly full screen' to mostly left/right depending on my screenshare needs for side-by-side vs full screen content

okay. I'll play around with this. Thank you