Better Snap tool not snapping Google Chrome in OS 10.15 Beta GM

I've been Beta testing 10.15 for about 6 weeks. Better Snap tool stopped working some time ago, and I figured it was due to Beta software. OS 10.15 Beta Gold Master was just released, and I still cannot snap Chrome windows. I can Snap Safari and Firefox windows (along with most other applications I've tried for split screen).

I'm on a 15" Macbook Pro 2017. I've used this app for years. This is the first issue I've ever had.

Wondering if others are seeing this issue.

I have added some experimental workarounds for Chrome to the latest BetterTouchTool alpha (which you can use for free if you have bought BetterSnapTool):

Possibly check whether that works for you - these fixes will become available on BetterSnapTool after the final Catalina version has been released. The issue is caused by some Chrome extension (I think hangouts and pip can cause it in some cases)

Hi, I am having the same issue described above.

After Updating to Catalina, BetterSnapTool has stopped working with Google Chrome. None of the snap areas work. Other applications are fine. I can still double click the top bar to show snap menu options.

Device: MacBookPro11,5
MacOS: Catalina
BetterSnapTool: 9.1

Can anyone help?
(I am not interested in using BettertouchTool)

the changes are currently being tested in Bettertouchtool (because that doesn’t need to go through the Apple review process for every little change). Currently everything looks good, I will probably be able to submit the updated BetterSnapTool to Apple later today or tomorrow.

You can check whether you can add your current BetterSnapTool version to System Preferences-> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Screen Recording, with that permission it should also work already

Hi Andreas, Thanks for the update. I will keep an eye open for the BetterSnapTool update through the app store then.

On another note.. Why would BST need screen recording? I just need it for snapping application windows around and do not want the tool recording my screen.

the update is available now (rolling out slowly but if you go to the BetterSnapTool site in Mac App Store you can already upgrade).

About the (annoying) screen recording permission, see this:

Thanks for the clarification! Working now.

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