Better Navigation in BTT

I've been trying to make it easier to navigate BTT settings, I find myself switching between the different menus, instead of memorizing the different keyboard shortcuts, I decided to created this BTT Specific floating Menu, Which's awesome!

I have one small problem with this setup, The StreamDeck COMMAND + SHIFT + 1 isn't working for me, Searched all BTT and keyboard shortcuts I've setup to check if it's mapped somewhere else, and it's still not working...

Any plans to upgrade the BTT UI/UX Look and Navigation?

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there are no plans for a bigger redesign for the next few years, the current one has barely just completed and was an immense (but important) undertaking :wink: So now it's all about small improvements (these are happening with every version now though). Adding "favorite sections" to the top bar, could be a nice small addition. If possible always create a feature request for such things then I can better prioritize & plan them.

Have you tried the predefined action "Go to specific trigger category"? It should allow you to open the stream deck category without relying on keyboard shortcuts.

I was looking for something like that in the actions and I didn't find it.
Now it works, I might just change all of them from keyboard shortcuts..

Appreciate it, Looking forward to what's coming next!

By the way, one thing that might help you when switching between categories often is the new support for macOS tabs (added in 4.560 alpha)

You could now just open multiple tabs with the required categories

Yeah, It's a little bit better than the dropdown menu, but it goes away once I close BTT.

The floating menu I've created is still better for my use case tho :slight_smile:


Hi Brahim, do you mind and share your Preset with me/ us?
With all respect to Andreas work, the first weeks I was almost to kick BTT and switch to Keyboard Maestro due to my experiences with the design. As a newbie it is so important to easily see and easily navigate, which wasn't possible for me.

  1. Adding Tabs - awesome feature, but do I miss a release newsletter for new features?
  2. At least first time I realized that I can open BTT 2 times and set the windows next to each other.

Again, I am a newbie and felt kinda overwhelmed. There are lot of improvements possible to make life easier. BTW will buy a license as a present to a friend and expecting similar reactions from him :wink:

Best :slight_smile:

You can access the release notes here:

Hehe for me this is the case any time I try KM (or even the Apple Shortcuts app). All of these tools are so complex and powerful that they can be really overwhelming and I absolutely agree that there are tons of possible improvements. The new BTT UI has worked wonders in reducing the UI related support requests, but creating UI stuff is a lot of work and I always need to prioritize as I'm the only one working on this. Thus I'm always happy if users come up with small but powerful feature proposals (like e.g. the "Recently Used" section proposed by @frank1) that can help a lot of users. I also like the idea of a "favorite sections" bar.


BetterTouchTool 2024-06-04 11.37.30 AM

BTT Custom Menu.bttpreset (59.8 KB)


Great idea! Thanks for sharing,

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That would have been a pity :wink: In fact, there are at least three good reasons to use BTT and KM together, because the apps complement each other perfectly.

  1. the range of functions of both apps is comparable. BTT can do much more in certain areas. But there are also things that only KM can do.

  2. It often happens that certain actions don't work with one app, even though they should. Then you can switch to the other one instead of getting annoyed or spending pointless time troubleshooting.

  3. BTT works at a lower level than KM (this is how it was explained to me). So if you set up the same action with the same shortcut in BTT and KM, the action is executed by BTT (conflict-free). Nothing is passed to KM. What is that good for? I have 5 or more shortcuts in each app that I always need. I'm lost without them. If I quit BTT for testing purposes, these shortcuts work as usual because they are then executed by KM. But this advantage is probably only seen by me :joy:

I think what would help many people to keep a better overview would be colored labels. And if, as you say, it's "easy" to implement, then I encourage you to do so. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, @Brahim !

@Frank1 Can you give an example of something KM can do that BTT can't?