Beter Touch Tool Snap Area Backup

I have been having issues with loosing my snap areas with BTT. I have just upgraded to the latest version today. 2.6.45.

I just want to confirm that I have backup's of my snap areas.
This is the procedure I use:
Manage Presets
Export Hightlighted (I only have default Preset)

Is this correct procedure to save my snap areas?

In general yes.

A even more failsafe way is to just make a backup of BetterTouchTool's data folder which is located at ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

Thanks for the quick response. I will back that up directory and see if the issue goes away.

I just noticed a bettersnap tool directory. I purchased Bettersnap tool long ago. I don't have the BST app on my machine any longer. Can I delete that directory (After Backup of course)?

yes! (but on the other hand it should only be a few KB so it's not really necessary to delete it)

Sure enough I lost my snap areas again. Can you give me some assistance to either restore the backup or find the root cause of the problem.

The only thing that is different is that I plugged this laptop into a different monitor yesterday.


Snap areas are currently display and resolution specific, maybe that explains your issue?

It's a different model monitor (LG vs Samsung). But similar resolution (Ultra Wide).

Different displays can have different snap areas defined, thus they don't show up on the new one.

I'm working on an option that would allow to still show them if resolution and position matches, but currently they only work on the exact model they were defined on.

It appears I lost all my snap areas again. I copied back the Backup of "/Application Support/Better Touch Tool" on 10/1/18 and snap areas nor keyboard mappings did not restore. I did get an Error ".bbt_data_storeSUPPORT can't be replaced because it is invisible." when I copied back the backup.

Any suggestions is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

That's a limitation of macOS Finder. You'd need to delete the invisible folder first (or rename the whole BetterTouchTool folder, then copy in your backup.)

Invisible files can be shown in Finder by pressing shift+cmd+ dot

However restoring the backup will only work if your displays / display parameters have not changed - otherwise it will not show the old snap areas like described above (there will be a way to activate such "not matching" areas soon)

Please add a backup function to snap areas. I just lost all of mine...

They are included in the normal preset export! (However they are still bound to one specific screen and screen resolution)

Is there a way yet to copy snap areas from an old monitor to a new one? Same resolution, just a new monitor since my old one died.

I want all the same snap areas... would like to simply copy them to new screen. Can't even access to see what I had set up previously (was about a dozen snaps, labeled & colored and contextual, love the feature!)


@BenW: I have exported my settings - it is a cleartext file. It should be possible to edit this file manually to match the new monitor settings and import the file again. Have not tried yet, but I will when I am at the office (different monitor setup) again.

When going this route, it's easiest to create a new snap area on the new display, then export the preset. Then copy the display data from that newly exported preset and replace the display data in your old preset with that.

Thanks, Andreas! I will try this way.

Update 22/04/17: Tested successfully!


Any news on that feature?

Best Regards!