BBT is a must have app for Mac. What other apps would you suggest to add in a must have list ?

I consider BTT to be a must have apps for mac, along with (I humbely believe) Keyboard Maestro and Popclip and Alfred.

What other apps would you suggest to include in the list which would make MacOS outstanding above other OS ?

I bought this app a few years ago and I can't recommend it enough:
A Better Finder Rename

It saved me probably hundreds of hours when renaming files!
It has probably all the options one needs when it comes to renaming files, creating sequenced names, etc. Sometimes the option is not there by itself, but with a little bit of thinking, it's possible. Sometimes one needs to combine more than one option, one after another, but spending 30 minutes trying to figure it out instead of spending 3 hours renaming files, it's worth it! :wink:

I will have a look. ty.

Popclip for sure. Everytime I do a fresh macOS install I am frustrated that this doesn’t work out of the box. Then I remember: it’s not default macOS.

Also Amphetamine (let your screen awake) and Magnet (snap-window management) and Hazel (folder actions pro) are a must have for me.

I'm a former magnet user but BTT rendered it obsolete for my use cases...

Same with karabiner, textexpander, Milky, alfred, quickshade, popclip and unified remote, among others.

They're all great apps and most have unique functionality, but I'm a less is more type of person and BTT just keeps getting better...

Does btt have also the ⅓-⅔ column snaps like magnet?
I use karabiner to swap the . and , on numlock, does btt handle that also?

You can make any size you want. Period to comma I'm not sure but would surprise me if it can't...

Not an app but a browser plugin: Ublock Origin. It's an awesome ad blocker as such, but what makes it truly great is how it allows me to use Spotify's webplayer as if I were a premium user (mostly... I can't set streaming quality to max). Does a very good job at Making YouTube Usable Again too... every once in a while I use Youtube on some other computer and I wonder how people put up with the ridiculous amounts of ads.

TextExpander. I use this every hour of everyday.

i came past your question again - I can now affirm that it does. Just make the simplest default keyboard shortcut for the app(s)you want: pad , as trigger, keystroke . as action, all with default settings

Used to be a fan too but got all my actions in BTT now. I do miss the suggestion function , but the license construction / yearly fee ruined the joy of using it for me.

so after seeing the "did open" trigger it's ciao bye to Browserism / Browserosauros too.