Basic Feature: Move multiple selected items

In BTT, you can only move one item at a time—you can't select say two or three and move them in the shortcut list.

This becomes particularly time-consuming when you have many shortcuts. Basically, you have to individually move them, one-by-one.

Please add moving multiple selected items to BTT—with Cmd and Shift.
If possible, adding moving items not close/adjacent to each other, or in different parts of the list (similar to Finder).

Seems to work fine here, or am I missing something?

Hi Andreas,

Wow, my BTT looks nothing like the one in the screenshot you posted.

My version is 2.530. I have the "Enable automatic update checking" box checked, but haven't received any mention of an update. Also, clicking "Check for updates" makes a small window appear, which loads/checks for an update, but then disappears and nothing happens.

How do I update my BTT? I would prefer to do it in the app to avoid messing up my shortcuts, though (or to make sure the exported shortcuts will be compatible).

Maybe your license doesn't cover the latest updates and you once clicked the "do not show again" checkbox about the reminder.

In that case you can just download a fresh copy via, this will not affect your shortcuts (however making a backup is a good idea anyways). You'd need a fitting license for the newer versions though.

Okay, thanks.
Looking forward to the new features.

(Feel free to delete the thread.)