Backup / Export touch bar settings?

I searched the help documentation and forums, but can't seem to find the answer.

How does one backup and/or export BTT's presets and settings? I 99% use BTT for the Touch Bar presets, though do have one trigger right now for the Remote.

On one hand, I would just like to backup my presets and settings. I fiddle and poke around enough, so am always likely to break something, and want a local backup of my setup when I reach a good point.

Perhaps complicating things, I've got a combo of presets going, from various contributors (thank you!). Here's what my preset window looks like:

Unless I'm misunderstanding, the "Export Highlighted" button only just does that. How do I export everything?

I'm also curious how folks share their full presets, as well as their settings, as they do here in the forums. How does one do that?

I'm sure I may be missing something easy here. Thanks in advance for any help!

I'm sorry for the lack of help you're gaining, and i'm here to break that!

Yes, that Export Highlighted button spits out a file that is the whole preset.
Select a preset you wish to export and click the button.

On doing so, you get an option to export all settings with it, or just the triggers only. I'm not convinced that it saves the settings properly so you should screenshot your current settings to keep them safe.

I don't think there's a way to export all presets at once, but It's not that hard to export and save a backup!

On second thought, Are you wishing to export your current preset with all the other active presets mixed into the master you're using? In this case It's quite a hassle as you'd need to merge the triggers from the other presets into your master by copy-pasting them into the master. like, actually merge them properly. Once you've done this then you can export the one that has everything within it. Not sure my explanation about that one is fluent.

To share preset files, (.bttpreset) to the community, upload them here: (save the link!)

It is in beta though, so if your downloders are having issues (mine did) then you can just drag the preset into the editing box. It'll upload it and attatch it fine.

Hope that helped!

Yes, this is what I want to do. Currently, I have imported a couple presets and then modified, deleted or turned off individual triggers. On my "devyn" preset I have a few triggers I cobbled from other sources. So my actual set up is a combination of these various presets.

It sounds like I really need to copy/move them all to one preset, and then export that single preset. I suppose that would clean it up nicely anyway.

Is that easy to do - move/copy triggers from one to another?

Thanks for the reply and the help. Much appreciated!

If you copy & paste a configured trigger, it will always be pasted into the active master preset. So in order to move triggers between the presets, make the one you want to keep the master preset. Then just cmd+c and cmd+v the triggers you want to have in that preset.

If you just want to create a backup of everything, you can make a copy of this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

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Perfect. This is very helpful. Thanks!

Sorry for my inactivity.

Yes, this works, but there is a bug with this. If the app is not added in the master preset, (showing because an active preset has this app set, only filled with an active preset) and the trigger is copy pasted, the app will not be added in the master preset. Probably needs to be looked at.

@devynosborne, You can also tag active presets with color using the color wells show in the preset picker! @Andreas_Hegenberg I feel like this should have a title, but a new BTT UI is being worked on anyway.

In preparing my BTT for the upcoming Golden Chaos release, I found the same bug pointed out by @yuuiko: "If the app is not added in the master preset ... and the trigger is copy pasted, the app will not be added in the master preset."

This bug may lead to potential orphaning of BTT triggers. If Golden Chaos deletes an outdated app-like group such as "Menu Bar [Show Languages]", but I have copied its actions into my master preset, I would have no way of accessing these actions because the group does not show up as an app in the master preset. Maybe I am missing something here?

I am calling your attention here since you did talk about "Menu Bar [Show Languages]" being somewhat obsolete. Thanks for advising me on how to preserve my GC customization. The bug mentioned here created some difficulty in the beginning. It took me a while to confirm that the copy-pasted triggers were indeed in the master preset – by checking the export file size.

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