Backspace to delete files from Trash

I'm cognisant that backspace can be set to delete files but, I want to delete them without them sitting in the Trash folder. I have assigned comd + backspace but so far the trigger does not permanently delete them.

I want to assign two key board shortcuts (comd + backspace and shift + comd + backspace to the same trigger). I want it to completely delete files without them sitting in the trash folder.

I am cognisant that there is a keyboard command, chiefly, (shift + comd + back space) to delete a file from trash. The only issue is that when I hit 'shift + comd + backspace' the file does not delete or get sent to trash, so I have set back space to be assigned 2 comd + backspace to shift the file to the trash folder. It saves me having to navigate to trash to delete files. It is not a two-click process then. It just happens instantly and easily. Any idea how to get this to function?

This is how I had initially set it up but this was wrong. I assigned the incorrect keyboard shortcut hence why it was not working. I am new to Mac, and not technical with computers being 40-odd. I had to get some help from my son but we managed to get it working in the end.

First we logged out and logged back in to reset BTT. Someone suggested 'option + comd + delete' to permanently delete a file without sending it to trash. So we changed the shorcut from comd + backspace to option + comd + backspace. This did the trick and the file was instantly deleted without it being sent to the trash. Had to do a lot of Googling to find the shortcut, I entered the incorrect one that's why files were not being permanently deleted instantly. It is now a one step process to delete them.

I changed my mind a few times on how I wanted the backspace to function and if it was wiser for the app to not get immediately deleted because it runs the risk of data loss. I have tried a few different strategies but it is workign great. At first I didn't want to assign option + comd + backspace to the app because I could clumsily delete an important file, but the disadvantage was that I would then have to go into the trash to manually delete it. I've not got it working the way I want. Changed my mind a few times exactly how I wanted the backspace to work and to get it to do what but it now works great.

BTT is brilliant app and fantastic. Took a lot of playing around but it worked great