Background Items Added alert keeps popping up

Regarding Version 3,952 and possibly earlier versions:
MacOS 13.1 on M1 Pro 16" Macbook keeps throwing system alerts that Background items have been added. I get 1-3 alerts every couple of hours.

Weirdly enough the messages say items were added by Samsung Electronics.
While troubleshooting I noticed the alerts don't show at all whenever BTT is not launched and pop up right away once I start BTT.
I used to have Samsung T7 managmeent software installed and uninstalled it + rebooted as part of troubleshooting. Now there is no more Samsung Software on my system.
The naming mismatch might be a different bug more related to this issue but BTT really does seem to trigger the alerts.

I have disabled and re-enabled the Launch BTT on Startup setting.
It makes no difference whether I enable or disable the background task list item in settings.

Unfortunately this is a macOS bug. (you'll find it everywhere online, but I'm not sure whether there is any solution already, maybe check threads like these: Why "login items" notifications pop up wh… - Apple Community )

Why they are not showing without BTT? Maybe you have "do not disturb" activated by and some action in BTT to disable it? In general BTT is not related to this issue. (When opening the notification center I'm sure you'll see these regardless of whether BTT is running or not)

I don't think all apps that work in the background trigger it repeatedly. The Samsung software needs updating (if possible).

After further testing I now encountered the first time this popup came up while BTT was not launched, so my apologies this probably really isn't connected to BTT.
It never happened in the 4-5 days I was testing it before.