Background color of submenus

Hi Andreas and others,

Ive just gotten around to playing with these floating menus, and a absolutely love it! What a brilliant addition to BTT

I have an issue with colors though: I have a menu where the buttons change color a bit when i hover them. The leftmost button though, is a submenu. But when I enter the submenu, the whole menu takes on the hover-color...And I cant seperate those two. So if I want the submenu-button to change color when I hover it, I also have to accept that the background of the whole submenu changes color when I hover it. I hope you understand what I mean. I've tried recording what I mean. Is there any solution to this that im not seeing?

Submenu color

Currently a submenu will take the appearance settings of the button that opens the submenu. However I understand this might not be good for all situations.
I'll soon add a way to define the colors separately.

Thank you! Kinda glad to know it wasn't just me being stupid.