Automator workflows - Action processing logic

Bug found in Alpha 3.367 (1585) and previous production release.

Environment: MacBook Pro, Retina, Late 2013. OS X 10.13.6, with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048MB

Applications open: Finder, Yate (

User triggers action from keyboard shortcut
BTT actions workflow as shown

Expected result:
BTT starts Automator Workflow AND actions DELAY 10.0s
At 10.0s, BTT moves mouse pointer to XY coordinates per action

Actual result:
Pause of 10.0s
Mouse pointer moves to XY coordinates per action
Automator action happens

Sanity test:
Remove ALL actions EXCEPT 'Start Automator Workflow'. Assigned Automator Worflow starts immediately and completes in ~5.0s (ie: a delay of 10.0s as above, should give a net delay of 5.0s after Automator workflow completes)

EDIT: Note that in the screenshot above there are two triggers, one active, one disabled. Both are assigned the same shortcut. In further testing I found this caused a conflict (despite one being disabled), so have had to change a shortcut until I find a 'final' BTT workflow that works for me. @Andreas_Hegenberg, please be aware that disabling triggers is also not working as expected.

This seems to work fine here, but it is possible that the timing behavior is slightly different on 10.13. I'll try to reproduce in my virtual machine soon.