Automatic Window placement

I would like to use but for automatic window tiling, like yabai or i3 on linux.

There is a trigger "Specific App did launch", which is a good start.

It would be great (or: would it be possible?) to have a trigger for:

  • New Window opened (any app)
  • And a variable "number of visible windows", optimally from 1 for the first opened window to x (or 1 for the last focused window),

So that one could define automatic window repositioning.
For this not only the new window would need to be placed, but the old windows to be rearranged.

For example, the first window would be fullscreen,
the second would snap the first to the left half and place itself to the right half,
the third would make three columns,
the fourth would halfen the leftmost third column vertically, ...

so that one would not need to press another shortcut than "cmd & n" for creating a new window.

I think yabai is the best tool for this.
You could probably achieve some basic auto arranging with BTT, but yabai is a dedicated tool for this.

In BTT you'd probably want to use the "Focused Window Did Change" trigger and one of the "Fromtmost Windows Side By Side (First Left)" actions

Thanks for the quick reply and the hint!
Yabai needs to disable SIP for some actions, like creating a new space ... thus I would prefer btt.
But I understand, the event-response nature is a bit different from the trigger-action way.

@Patrick_Mukherjee Not what you asked and maybe not what you want. I think some of the "problems" with windows can be solved quite well with the PIN feature. Especially if the screen is large enough. And SIP remains enabled :slightly_smiling_face: