Automatic disable of touchbar triggers on lid close

I am using some touchbar "triggers" just for showing some useful info.
However, when I work with en external monitor with macbook's lid closed, it makes no sense to update the touchbar info. It can also be rather expensive.

Are there any plans to automatically disable the touchbar triggers when there's no touchbar or the lid is closed?
I could include the detection of lid state in my scripts but they incur some execution costs too. And I also think that it might be something that everyone want by default.

What do you think?


good idea, i’ll add this and maybe even enable it by default

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Cool :slight_smile:
Also, it's a good question whether the widgets/triggers need to be updated when they are not visible for some reason (like, the screen is locked/off).
Like, there are triggers that plot graphs over time - they still want to be updated in the background. But a lot of them are just showing the current state.
An option like "Update when not visible" could be a good generalisation of the concept.

Great!...I was just searching for this functionality in BTT. Such feature would be very helpful, as I currently have to disable BTT Touch Bar via a shortcut prior to closing the lid in order to avoid excessive CPU load and distracting noise of the fans accompanied therewith when further CPU load occurs.
Thank you!