Automate Homebrew Cask updates

Are you able to automate creating PRs for the BetterTouchTool Homebrew Cask repository when you release an update?

Right now we're doing it manually ourselves.

Example: bettertouchtool 4.201 by mkozjak · Pull Request #153842 · Homebrew/homebrew-cask · GitHub


The update process in BTT is relatively complicated with various update channels for different machines, different operating systems, different update triggers....
This allows me to rollout updates only to selected groups or update channels, to see whether the update will cause issues.

For example 4.201 is now close to full public release, but not yet rolling out on the main update channels. However it is rolling out for Sonoma Beta users and for people who manually check for updates or for people who have installed the trial version right now.
If something goes wrong I often pull an update within minutes.

Also the BTT updater does more than just download updates, in various cases it prepares data for migration etc. I'm fine if users upload builds there, and advanced users (who know what they are doing) use homebrew cask, but I don't really want to support it officially as it takes away a lot of control from me.

The only viable option would be to have a homebrew cask that always takes the latest version from Index of /releases, but these can be horribly broken when they first start rolling out to the first alpha channels

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