Automate BTT TouchBar handling of KBM Macro Palettes

I use BTT and Keyboard Maestro extensively for automation. I have several BTT TouchBar Buttons that trigger KBM Macros. However, I would have many more if I could automate adding KBM Palettes as BTT Button Groups containing KBM Macros in BTT as Touch Bar Buttons.

Is there anyway to achieve this without having to work on each Touch Bar Button from scratch?

Is there any way to make BTT Button Groups contain a dynamic palette of KBM Macros?


Sorry I don't know much about KBM Macro Plaettes, how do they work?
In theory you can dynamically update BTT's Touch Bar groups using Apple Script.

Someone with coding skills is likely better placed to respond, but I see palettes similar to button groups, activating a menu of selectable macros similar to touch bar buttons, but displayed on the screen instead of the touchbar. You can display a macro group as a palette on the screen much you you can display a button group as a selection on the touch bar. I think they have all the same basic ingredients of grouping, naming, adding an icon, and triggering, but I can't import them from one app to another. I'm sure others can.

Importing this from KBM to BTT might simply require the Hotkeys to be substituted for Touch Bar presses. But writing this all over again in BTT seems counterintuitive when automation is the purpose and the option to, say, "Add KBM Palette" in BTT would be an ideal way to extend the use of your button Groups?image