AutoCAD Shortcuts Layout Suggestions

Hi, I've created a bunch of AutoCAD shortcuts and they are all separated in categories.

It is really helpful but it is not quite perfect to navigate into all theses groups since there is a lot of elements that I use in all theses groups..

Here is what it looks like:
First Page:

Draw Group:

Modify Group:

Every other pages are pretty much the same but I mainly use theses two.

I tried to assign key sequences with fn+1,2,3,4,5,6,7 but it is very uncomfortable to hit fn+7 with the left hand (keeping the right hand on the mouse)

Since i'm not that good with design, does anyone have any idea to make it better to navigate from a menu to an other seamlessly?


I would put permanent buttons for the draw, modify and any other group you need on the left side of the Touch Bar, every button opens it group, but you add these also into the groups with a "open group with name" trigger, so you can just change between them and don't have to open, close, open them.

Here, I made a quick working example of such a menu for you, I think it would be the right solution for your problem:

testMenu.bttpreset (37.6 KB)

Thanks for the suggestion!
It is probably the best way to do it. I didn't made it that way because there is a lot of items in each groups and I tried to keep it small enough to avoid any scrolling but if I put the tools I use the most on the left that would no be that much of an issue!