Audio input / output selector widget

Hey everyone,

Has anyone seen or implemented an audio input/output selector preset for the touch bar yet? I've been using a very basic shell script to toggle between two output/inputs, but want to get more advanced with a touchbar group for selecting the one I want to use, and I was wondering if anyone else has done anything similar yet. I'm using SwitchAudioSource from brew install switchaudio-osx in my shell script.

Have the same request.

Looking for a solution, to have a button on my touchbar to change the audio output.

until now, I have to click on the volume icon in the menu bar, after that I have to click on the preffert airplay device.....

Sounds simple. But i havent found a solution yet.....

What I've tried:

  1. Create a new Button (Name "Receiver", it's an aTV just for audio transmission)
  2. As action I choosed "execute terminal comand (asyncron)"
    command "SwitchAudioSource -s Receiver"
  3. Saved everything, but nothing happend... :frowning:

If I execute the command in a terminal windows it says: "Could not find an audio device named "Receiver" of type output. Nothing was changed."

Checked name with "SwitchAudioSource -a" -> name is correct.

If I choose an internat output like my headphone or a software called "Boom2Device" it works, in a terminal window.
Touchbar button still don't work... Even if I try to change to an internal output

tried it out with a bluetooth speaker and it does seem to work if you put quotation marks around the name (e.g. switchaudiosource -s "Receiver")

You want to stream from what source? Because you can set what you want easily with Apple script for iTunes.

Out of curiosity, why is this not already an easily selectable Action inside BTT? I haven't been able to find a solution for selecting audio output device that works for me yet.

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