Assigned action of "Next Events/Reminders Widget" doesn't execute

Hi all,

I put a Next Events widget on the touch bar to display brief info of my next calendar event, it should be noted that I use HTML to format the text, just like the image below.
What I want to achieve is to show detailed info when I tap this widget:

I assign an AppleScript action to this widget, see code below, but it never runs when I tap the widget.

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
	update_touch_bar_widget "F09FA571-FBC7-4C1D-9FE9-3A65E13D7DCF" text "<html>
<meta charset=\"utf-16\">
<span style=\"color: white; font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size:9px\">
{startTime} - {endTime} <span style=\"font-style:italic; color: yellow\">@ {location}</span>
<span style=\"font-size:10px\"><b><br/>{eventTitle}</b></span>
	refresh_widget "F09FA571-FBC7-4C1D-9FE9-3A65E13D7DCF"
end tell

What do I miss? Any suggestion is welcomed!
test.bttpreset (55.9 KB)

Additionally, I notice the HTML text on the button is a little bit below the center... @Andreas_Hegenberg how can we align the text to the vertical center?