assign windows to left / right / middle third of screen and distinguish upper and lower half as well

First Forum Post. Long time user, but not very advanced. Mostly using keyboard shortcuts to assign windows.

Now have a huge monitor in front of my and using quarters of the screen is not a good way to handle this 43" screen. Found that BTT allows to assign windows to left / middle / right third of the screen (width). That is very useful for that screensize.

What would be perfect is, to use that in combination with also differentiating the top and bottom half of the screen. That would give me 6 places, 3 in the top half and 3 in the bottom half of screen to assign windows to.

I couldn't find a preset for this. Does such a preset exist? Or how would I set this up to fit this use case?

Thanks for this lovely software. It's the first thing I install on a new mac, since otherwise I feel restricted.

Nobody an idea?