Assign value to selected_text variable, and locate it again later / paste over

First off, thanks so much for developing BTT. Ill be buying soon, it's so helpful.

I'm attempting to create a macro which

-Assigns copied (or currently highlighted?) numbers to var selected_text within BTT (project code #s)
-Switches tab
-Copies other text from another window(fully formatted project code info)
-Returns to initial window, locates var selected_text

I've gotten most of the way, but I'm having trouble working out assigning and finding selected_text on screen. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again! Have a great day.


maybe this helps: How to use variable in "Find/Search Text on Screen & Move Mouse"?

Best select the „search in focused window option“ to prevent false matches

Thank you kindly, I will review and reattempt.