As a user I want to start configuring BTT completely disabled. And selectively enable global or app-specific features.

As a user I want to initiate BTT completely disabled.
And selectively enable global or app-specific features.
It's a better way to explore the utility.
Without feeling "forced".
I don't want to learn everything right away.
I don't want to impact system performance.
I don't like surprises.

Note: There is no easy way to disable BTT completely globally, but have exception to enable only specific features for specific apps.

that’s the default, BTT doesn’t have any triggers or gestures configured when you first start it.

Or do you mean something different?

I’m referring to all the Advanced settings.
Particularly the many options around Magic Mouse, Trackpad, Keyboard, Mouse Gestures, etc.
I don't see any way to fully disable each of these individually.
I don't see any way to enable/disable each of these by app (why not?).
I would like to these these all OFF.
And then let me explore enabling each of these by application or globally.

I came to BTT for the powerful per-app or global Triggers and actions.
I am not currently interested in the Advanced Settings.
I don't want to change anything about how my input devices are working.
But the UI leads me to believe they are doing something. The headers say "don't worry about".
So I know they're doing something. But I don't have time to learn. I don't want anything here change.
So I'd like to have these features all disabled until I am ready to tinker.


These options are not something that can be disabled, these are just options to tweak the default behavior of various BTT gestures and they come with default values. If you don’t have any BTT gestures configured these settings do nothing.

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