Are the "ignore Areas" of Magic Mouse settings ever going to get fixed?

This has been a problem since about two or three years, two posts have been ignored in the forums, so, I'm trying again politely to ask. Are they deprecated? will they be ignored or fixed?

Magic Mouse ignore all the settings in the ignore Areas. The UI does not work/show activity.

I'm on Big Sur on a MacBook Pro 13" 2018.

It still seems to work as expected however it might not be able to do what you need. It's a pretty old feature that only applies to certain gestures by default. Also this only applies to BTT gestures - BTT does not modify the system touch behaviour here.

What are you trying to do?

When I started using it, it let me ignore areas system wide, I could see it in the "preview" (which does not work either as it used to). You're telling me(us) that it does not work that way anymore? I tend to have two fingers always on the mouse, so I could let it ignore my middle finger (right click finger) out of the way. Somehow I got accustomed to it. But now it does its own thing.

It does not work systemwide anymore. Like some other posts, it was possible before, or at least, it somehow worked for me.

Not blaming you, but if it changed the way it worked, maybe it should be better explained or something.
Thanks and great work with BTT BTW,

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