AquaTouch -- Localisation Discussion, New BTT “Localisation” Feature?

I've had some requests for localisation at my AquaTouch Preset, but handling this needs to be discussed.

Integrating a language picker into the settings would be an insanely big task, and I'm not even sure it's possible!

I think the best thing to do is to make a copy of the preset, but then we might have more bugs between language versions and inconsistent updates so I'm not entirely sure yet.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, This might be a massive but It'll be great to have some kind of language system for presets. I'm thinking an extra dropdown or something within every trigger, pretty much an alias. Then add a 'preset language' widget to switch these... but localisation in presets do need to be discussed.

I also have no experience in handling localisation, so I'd really appreciate tips from anyone who knows how to handle this the right way!

well then we will make presets for each language, who are at least a little versed in scripting, everything is simple with the names, there is complexity in the system events and bar item

@ErmakOFF1990ya, if you're going ahead then make sure to keep a log of everything you touch! Do take note that AQT's variables may also need to be localised.

I planned to have some kind of understanding for my own customization, including triggers and hold action, I found out some about parsing. I hope that I will succeed

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AquaTouch-b3.4.0 (RUS).bttpreset (24.4 MB)

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Всем привет нет времени объяснять ловите апдейт!
AquaTouch-b3.5.0 (RUS).bttpreset (27.3 MB)
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