AquaTouch Crashing. can't access instructions nor guide.

I have been using GoldenChaos but everyone seems to say AquaTouch is the preset to use. But I can't get it to work. When I open the BTT Config, the Touch Bar tries to check for updates and then claims I have no internet connection (I do). then I try to turn off the esc button but it doesn't respond. (I turned off haptics, the aqua touch bar restarted, and then I was able to turn off the esc button).

I thought maybe I'm doing something wrong, so I clicked setup instructions. and BetterTouchTool Crashes completely. not just the preset, the entire app. I try "2. AquaTouch Guide" and it opens safari to a page "https://bridge_loaded" that fails to load.

How do I get this working? the obvious answer "read the instructions and guide" doesn't work because I can't access it.
edit: figured out I can tap the "couldn't check for updates" bar and it would try again. this time my computer froze and I got that spinning pinwheel... I'm on the M1 btw.

edit: I don't know. Maybe the bar is working completely except for updates, access to the instructions and guide. so if there's another way to get to these, maybe that's all I need? so I can just learn how to use this bar.

Try the beta in my discord. Known issue that has supposedly been resolved for a new update coming soon

I followed the link. how do I get the beta? I see links everywhere for 3.6.7 but not a beta

edit: nvm, I finally came across a Beta 2

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