AQT FAQ: Power and Battery Consumption

Hey there, I don't quite understand how apple scripts work.

For example, there's a bunch of Spotify scripts. I never use the service, is do these scripts executing every second affect my battery? And are they executing while Spotify isn't used?

Generally, I'm really curious if every script that's included in the preset is actively consuming battery, or are they only working when they're visible?

Also, should I make the scripts repeat rate higher to make them consume less battery?

Thank you

they run when they are active in the current context. If you hide/doesn’t disable them they won’t run.

A higher value repeat rate will definitely reduce cpu usage.

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Balancing AQT's energy efficiency is quite a fine line to walk, I've greatly improved it's efficiency over the past few updates and I'm continuing to improve in the next updates.

Applescripts aren't very efficient depending on what they do but for now they are required to run a lot of widgets. Setting the repeat rate faster would decrease efficiency but would make it feel snappier and faster, while setting them slower would make them feel significantly more "laggier". I usually set them at 1-5 seconds as this seems to be the slowest bear-able speed for real world use.

Thanks. For some reason AQT Touch Bar restarts after I tap "Connect to Airpods" button in QuickSchedules. In BTT UI it says "Your Custom Touch Bar is Currently Hidden"

Interesting... Well, I admit the bluetooth widgets have been neglected for quite some time so I'll hafta checkup on them.

Unfortunately though I can't check them myself as I don't own or use any that are listed in there so I'm just trusting borrowed code...

Could you try the Compact AirPods Widget and tell me if it works? AQT's version is largely based on that...