Apps spontaneously lose focus

Ever since I installed BTT I'm finding that apps randomly lose focus. I'll be typing a sentence in Word, or a URL in Safari, and then suddenly the app is no longer in focus and my keystrokes aren't being registered. I then have to click back in the app to regain focus and continue my work. I'm using my laptop in clamshell mode with a keyboard and mouse, so it's not me accidentally touching the trackpad.

Is there any way to correct this? It's very frustrating. Running MacOS Monterey 12.6.8 on an Intel Mac if that matters. Thanks.

what kind if triggers do you you have configured in BTT? Best check in the recently used section what triggers have executed recently

Maybe something you are running accidentally causes a focus change

The only triggers I have are a couple of Function keys in Outlook, Word, and BBEdit (for signatures and a repetitive email response), and two window snaps. I know I really don't use BTT to the best of it's ability.

I’d still recommend to check in the recently used section. BTT won’t change focus on its own, thus it must be some trigger (if it is only happening while BTT is running)

Ok, it just happened while typing a message in Messages. Here is the list of Recently Used, all these I'm aware of and used earlier in the day.

Ok, those don't look like they could trigger accidentally.

Have you tried working with BTT quit for a while to see whether it still happens?