Apps continue to open after closing them

When I have bettertouchtool enable, every time I try to close Safari or Firefox, it opens again automatically.
It happens with iTunes, Spotify at least

Does anyone knows how to change this behaviour ???


Maybe you are running some Apple Scripts in BTT that cause this?

Spotify does this to me all the time. I don't think it is a BTT issue. the best why i have found to fix this is to try to force quit the application that does it

Yes, if I force stays closed...

Just to add that I have this exact same issue as well: whenever I have BTT running and try to close Spotify or iTunes, each app reopens immediately.

I'm not running any Apple Scripts beyond the ones already included in GoldenChaos. Quitting BTT and closing the app solves the problem, but I'd obviously prefer it to work without having to do that.

Just like me...
Thanks for sharing

Returning to this thread after a long gap - did this ever get solved? I'm still getting the same problem with the current version of BTT.

This is not a bug in BTT, but depends on the Apple Scripts you are running inside of BTT. I think the current versions of GoldenChaos etc. have fixed this.