Applications: Remember favourite position / auto-layout

I mainly use BTT for its windows snapping capabilities.

As a user of BTT I often find myself with many open applications, and like any normal person with habits, I tend to position my windows fairly consistently across similar patterns of position.

What I would like to see:

  • On launch of a new application - auto position to default choice

Particular challenges:

  • Chrome Profiles
  • I have multiple profiles in chrome and I would like to see those windows open to different positions when different profiles are used. Maybe there are some command lines we can use to trigger BTT accordingly and we create better shortcuts.

IDEAS WELCOME :slight_smile:

It's something that I would love too!

Additionally, I would like BTT to recognize different monitors, as you might have different windows positions (and snap areas) at your home and work monitor as they could have different sizes.

Yes, Please.

It would also be VERY nice if in a multiple monitor setup, when you unplug your laptop and now all the open windows cluster to your laptop, that you have memorized positions on the laptop screen. And when you plugging the external monitor(s) back in, the windows migrate to their memorized external monitor positions.

Oh, please, Please, PLEASE consider something like this.

BTT is always running, it already has the ability to move and resize windows. This is just memorizing and restoring as needed.

I think the "Save / restore specific window layout" predefined action will let you do that!