Application Switcher

I am trying to setup a 2 Finger TipTap to be an Application Switcher.

The gesture is working, I do however have to select the app that I want to use. In the past I could just use release the action and the application would open. I can't locate the predefined action on this version as well.

Thanks for the help

Somehow I have this working on my Mac currently and have had it for a while now. I downloaded BTT on my sister's Mac just now and set it up but it gave me a notification, something along the lines of "Try the App Switcher with Preferences -> Action settings". Problem is there's no such existing menu folder/item. So now on my sister's computer, it works as you mentioned (aka doesn't work with just releasing). So I too want to know how to get it to work with releasing.

Enable the gesture mode here:

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