Application switcher

I've set up a click combination to open the Application Switcher but when I try to click on any of the applications I get the effect of a right-click, i.e., a dropdown menu appears. The only way I can actually make my selection is by hovering over the icon of the app I want and then hit Return.

What kind of popup? I don't think the app switcher should show any popups on right-click?

I quite agree, Andreas! I don't see any way to attach a screen shot, but what I get is a box with:
Get Info
Reveal in Finder
Activate & Hide Other
Quit and Relaunch
... and about half a dozen more.

BTW, I'm using an iMac with OS X 11.3.

Is this maybe some special application switcher you are using?
Are you sure whether this is related to BetterTouchTool?

You can just drag or paste pictures here to add them to a post.

No, just the basic Apple Application Switcher.

I don't know what kind of app switcher that is, but it's definitely not the macOS default :slight_smile:

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Aha ... my apologies. After a lot of snooping around I discovered that Keyboard Maestro has an Application Switcher macro enabled. From a video I watched it should work hand-in-hand with BTT but something strange is obviously going on. I've posted to their forum, so we shall see.