Applescript triggers with Setapp license.

I have gone further down the rabbit hole and am trying to trigger named actions from applescript using the following code:

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
trigger_named "Test"
end tell

I was struggling to get it to work. Eventually found that I receive an error when running the Setapp version of BTT, but it works using the standalone / Trial version.

Setapp BTT error message:

error "BetterTouchTool got an error: "Test" doesn’t understand the “trigger_named” message." number -1708 from "Test"

Not sure if this is a bug or not. Is the applescript interface enabled for setapp installs? I noticed that the running process name is "Bettertouchtool Setapp" but using this as the application name in the script does not work.

Should I expect it to work?

Thanks, Mac.

An update. BetterTouchTool Setapp was not in the applescript Library. Unfortunately it still doesn't work after I add it manually.

I can view the dictionary for the .app too, but I can't find a way around the issue to trigger the named action.

It would be great to know if this is supposed to work or not. Maybe the way that setapp packages the application is blocking this? Can anyone else get this working?

Which version of BTT do you have installed?

It is 2.513.

I am seeing the potential downside with setapp to not have access to latest releases.

I think I accidentally forgot to include the apple script dictionary in the set app version. I'll fix that!

In general Setapp releases all the stable releases as soon as they are released, alpha releases are currently not available via Setapp though.

Great thank Andreas! Thanks for making such an awesome tool. I will be weighing up getting a license to play around with pre-release features :slight_smile: