AppleScript in widgets running when widget not visible?

I have been really customizing my Touch Bar lately, and having a lot of fun. But I notice that BTT uses "significant energy" on the laptop. I suspect it's because i'm using a number of Applescript Widgets.

Before I start cleaning up, I had a meta-question about how BTT works.

I have a number of touch bar Widgets "Run Apple Script and Show Results" that are not currently Visible. Either because they are old and i'm not currently using them so I have unchecked "Visible", or because they are not currently active (they are in a Button Group not currently active, or they only show with a modifier button).

My questions is, are these applescripts all running at the "Execute every x seconds" setting, even when they are not visible? if that's the case, then I really know what my energy problem is!


@Andreas_Hegenberg double checked this while we were fine-tuning energy usage of my preset, so I can confirm that scripts that are not visible do not run; the issue is certainly with one of your currently visible scripts. In my case it turned out to be a combination of two system events scripts that were taking up a lot of resources, so I removed one and lowered the other from 1s to 5s.

that's really good to know, thanks!

I wonder if my current system is just too much:
4 x 1s - "play/pause," "next track," "skip track", "mute", Spotify
2 x 5s - check for notifications, check wifi network
2 x 60s - check next event, weather

I would love to dial down the 1-second widgets, but it feels like I need the fast refresh rate when it comes to the responsiveness of audio.

any non-official opinions welcome!

Those settings actually look fine to me, no clue why you're seeing poor performance then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If possible, post an export of your preset here or upload it via, then I can check.

Andreas, I uploaded it to:

I think I did it correctly, but i'm new to this, so let me know. I think in uploading everything (like in life), i've once again over-shared.