Apple TV remote center click

Hi, i have the new apple tv remote, i have two questions:

  1. There is no option for the center click in the BTT app? I need it to trigger an "enter" button on the keyboard.

  2. I would like to press the "power" button on the remote to trigger a system shut down for my mac. I tried to add a keyboard shortcut, but when i press "Control–Option–Command–Power button" the mac turned off, and the keylog was not saved. This is silly i know and your comments are welcomed.

Thank you

Ah the list of triggers is currently confusing because the v1 and v2. I'll look into that soon.
You should be able to use this as center click:

Recording the shutdown shortcut might not really be possible. Maybe you can use the "Trigger Menubar Menu Item" action instead

Thanks. This definitely solved my problems. This is awesome!

Can BTT team add "Select" button into action trigger?
"1 finger click" is really annoying on new siri remote 2!!!