Apple Remote legacy support - triggers not available

Hi, this is Alessandro.
I've been using BTT since a very long time: it is the very best piece of software for productivity I've ever used.

I have an old mid-2010 MBP, running High Sierra (10.3.6), with BTT 3.6.24 (latest available version with my license).
I can't say since which version this happened, but I can't set triggers for the aluminum Apple Remote anymore. Please see attached screenshot: when I click on the triggers to be set, the dropdown says "Sorry, there is no BetterTouchTool plugin registered", where there used to be the buttons of the AR.

Any help is appreciated!


It's not officially supported anymore, but you could try running this terminal command:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool useAppleRemotePlugin YES

Before running the command you need to quit BetterTouchTool

Nope, not working. How unfortunate: I wonder why Apple decided to remove the IR receiver from the Mac. Apple remote is super useful, not just for media control, but pros may find it convenient for presentations or stuff like that. Anyway, thanks for your super quick reply. Would you brink back the legacy apple remote support, there's one guy in Italy that would really appreciate. As other mentioned, AR can be used with external IR receivers as well, for modern Macs.

Ciao e grazie,

I think for the command to work, it's also important that at least one trigger is added to the Apple Remote section. But in your screenshot you already got one, so that should be fine.

Are you sure BTT was completely quit before you executed the command?

(The Siri Remote is a great replacement though, you can probably get one of the older versions cheap on ebay)