Apple Remote Desktop


I use my Mac laptop to control a home Mac desktop computer, using Apple Remote Desktop. I'd love it if I could configure BTT to ("App Specific" for ARD) forward (with exceptions?) my laptop Gestures/Triggers to the desktop, so that BTT on the desktop could receive them and interpret them, thus making it more like I am using the remote desktop directly.

(For now, I have created ARD-specific gesture preferences on my laptop to send Custom Keyboard Shortcut to the desktop, and I wanted to mention for anyone reading that "Compatibility mode for shortcut sending…" was necessary to get this working right — but this workaround doesn't allow for App-specific actions or predefined/system actions on the desktop.)

Sorry unfortunately this is very unlikely to be ever added to BTT. It would require a separate remote connection to the BTT on the other computer and lots of additional code for a very niche use case.

Thanks for your message. BTT is a great tool, thank you for it!

My line of thinking is:

BTT Remote already offers the remote-connection possibility. BTT Remote on iPhone is a client and BTT on computer is server, but why can't BTT on computer also be capable of being a client so that computers can trigger each other?

Maybe it's not in the cards, but thanks for having a forum where I can express this wish.

Were you trying to use mouse or trackpad gestures on your Mac and have them work on the remote Mac through ARD?

Ideally, yes