Apple Mail: Deactivate BTT when Spotlight Search is active

In my normal workflow, I use Spotlight search to start applications. If any Mail application windows were active before I activate Spotlight search, the keys that are captured by BTT for the Mail application are unavailable in Spotlight. I see older posts where this is addressed but I don't see these options in rules for things like "visible_window_list" nor do I see the button mentioned that allows me to see that list. Could someone please steer me in the right direction here?


@Andreas_Hegenberg Any thoughts on this?

The problem is, "visible_window_list" is only available for advanced trigger conditions but not for conditional activation groups. This is because monitoring all windows is a relatively complex task that can use some CPU.

Can you describe your exact setup? Maybe there is a workaround

Not sure how detailed you need me to be about "exact setup"...

This is an issue whether running on my Macbook Pro or my Mac Studio.

As mentioned, if I wish to start an application, my typical workflow is to activate Spotlight search with Cmd+Space and then start typing some part of the application name that I wish to start. If any Mail application window, Inbox or Compose window, were active when I activate the Spotlight search input, the keys which I am capturing with BTT in Mail to simulate Gmail key bindings are captured and unavailable to me in the Spotlight input. In order to have all keys available to Spotlight input, I must click a window other than Mail and then go back to typing in the Spotlight input, which kind of defeats the purpose of an all keyboard interface to starting apps.

Let me know if there are other specific details that you need.

BTW, this is the other post I found raising these same issues...

unfortunately I think there is currently no good way to achieve this.
You could add an advanced trigger condition to your shortcuts in Mail, however then you'd need to define them all twice with contradicting conditions.

I'll soon add an option to have conditional activation groups that poll variables, then users will be able to decide theirselves whether they want to spend some CPU for something like this.

Maybe this does not work ... but what if the shortcut that opens the Spotlight window also deactivates BTT and Enter (completing the search) reactivates BTT? Then you wouldn't have to set up the shortcuts twice ... I think :innocent:

problem is there are so many ways to close spotlight (click outside, enter, selecting something ...)

Mm, that's true. You should get into the habit of always ending the search with Enter. However, @RandyT wants to do everything with the keyboard, if I understand correctly. So, clicking is not an option.