Apple Mail: Creating Gmail shortcut keys, issues with search

Greetings, I'm attempting to use BTT to give me back my Gmail key bindings in Apple Mail. For the most part, I have a workable solution but I have discovered an issue that I was hoping someone has a suggestion as to how to make this work.

When typing in the search dialog on the top bar of the Inbox window, no key that I am capturing for Inbox navigation is available to type. I've studied this in the BTT tool and there appears to be no distinction for the window identifiers based on focus being in the search box. Wondered if there might be a way to define some geometry of the window to exclude the rules.

Appreciate any help

I think you can create a conditional activation group that is active if the search field is not active. You can then move your shortcuts to that group:

The focused element subrole needs NOT to be AXSearchField

Beautiful. Thank you Andreas. I am a new customer.

I had not fully undertood what these AX... tags were. Should be able to fix up some other issues with Apple Mail that are not ideal.

Hi @RandyT , can I ask how you differentiate from the mail list to the composer window to use Gmail shortcuts? Is that with a window identifier?


I am no expert here. Still trying to get things working perfectly...

I have a separate activation configured for compose window.

And unfortunately, I am unable to upload an image to show you what that is.

I have a rule where "All of the following are true" and within that, a sub rule where "None of the following are true "Window Name contains "inbox"".